Hotel Hungaria believes in the craftmanship of storytelling to create an emotional and impactful content experience that not only inspires and entertains, but also sets people in motion.

We are an All-in Storytelling Agency.


All-in, as in all-inclusive and all-in-one. Hotel Hungaria delivers a complete package. From creative idea to production, from strategy to distribution, and everything in between. In addition, we create multimedia 360° stories: made to inspire, engage and share on every possible media channel out there.


Inspiring stories have been winning hearts and minds since the beginning of time. Even science agrees: people don’t have a natural talent for reason, but they do have a gift for telling stories. It’s something we all do naturally, starting at a young age. Actually, storytelling is one of the oldest, most effective and simplest methods of explaining the world and sharing ideas.


Once upon a time we started out as television makers, but we also know a thing or two about business and (digital) brand stories. Today we are proud to call ourselves a full-service agency with a diverse mix of interesting clients. We don’t just deliver a kick-ass product. We also contribute ideas for the brands, publishers and government institutions we work for in terms of strategy and distribution.


With every story we tell, we focus on three core principles: contemporary, experiences and talent.


We tell stories that matter, here and now. Stories that are relevant today and inspiring for tomorrow. They evolve in time, both content-wise and from a technological perspective.


Emotional experiences are at the heart of our agency. We don’t want audience members to just consume stories. We want them standing in the middle of these stories, active and engaged. In the end, our ultimate goal is to create unique 360° memories that are likely to last longer than any random story ever could.


Our strength lies in the people we work with every day, both in the spotlight and behind the scenes. Ambitious and experienced storytellers who always go the extra mile to translate your story into a masterfully woven tale.