Een frisse start met vtwonen

Category: Lifestyle

Moving means boxes full of stress. But what if you had someone in your corner? We joined forces with vtwonen for a new interior design show on TV station Vitaya and helped eight families and couples with the move of a lifetime.

Needless to say, we didn’t do all the heavy lifting ourselves. Host (and Ketnet hero) Siegfried De Doncker and stylists Ozanne and Guillemine Mertens gave packaging pointers and together they furnished the new homes. From the paint on the walls to all the furniture and accessories, completely in the vtwonen style.

We didn’t set out to make a classic interior design show. On the contrary, apart from discovering the properties and sharing a host of practical tips on style and interior design, we mainly focused on why the couples and families wanted to move house. Either they were living in a cramped little house with a baby on the way, or the children were off studying and the parents wanted to downsize, another couple was moving in together for the first time… In short: eight engaging stories featuring people who could really use a fresh start.